Aaron’s September Post

7 Oct

As a graphic design major, Art History affords me references for effective visual communication.  Learning about the climate of circumstances that produced important works of art makes me aware of the ultimate message I want to convey and its consequences.  I am also trained in how other perceptions formulate – though I will be constantly learning how the messenger can shape the way ideas are received.

Being aware of culture and its role in artistic expression expands my scope and strengthens my ability to share vision and influence the world around me.


One Response to “Aaron’s September Post”

  1. Mondaymornroup5 October 21, 2010 at 1:45 am #

    Thats a really insightful way to look at things. I know that I love and am very much inspired by african art mostly because I love patterns and colors and its great to look at those pictures and incorporate them in my art in my own way.

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